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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feeling Blah

Feeling blah

You ever feeling blah about everything? You know what feeling blah is. When you just don't want to do anything. You might try to get yourself motivated, but nothing works. Cooking feels blah. Crocheting feels blah.Writing feels blah. Reading feels blah. Folding laundry feels blah--that one isn't much of a stretch though. Even when I'm totally fine and completely content doing laundry feels blah.

Chatting with my Facebook buddies feels blah. Even spending time listening to others alternately making happy chatter and grumbling leaves me blah. Usually it makes me appreciate all I have. Not this time though. Heck, even watching my favorite Jane Austen inspired movies didn't give me a boost out of this dreadful blah feeling. I'm feeling mighty blah and there just was no way out of it for a couple of days.

 Then a funny thing happened. My compost bucket--which I keep under the kitchen sink for potato peels and other kitchen scraps--became full and needed to be emptied. No, not a thrill, but it was something which needed to be done. So, I bundled up and went outside. Know what I discovered? I barely needed the coat! It was sunny and warm--warmish, let's say. But I was so far down the feeling blah path I couldn't appreciate this...until...

I went to the compost pile, dumped  the stuff and saw my daylily patch. It's just the foliage at present, no blossoms yet, but there were invaders in there--weeds, you know. But in my blah state they looked too overwhelming to even attempt.

My garden-deprived fingers, however, couldn't resist pulling out one and then two and then...well, I went back inside. The blah feeling was still with me, but I knew if I took one solid day outside, in the sun with my plants listening to twittering birds and buzzing insects, it would help get me out of that blah feeling.

And so I go out today and weed and weed and weed until this blah feeling is gone. Let ya know if it works.


  1. Blah to me equates to being uninspired and unmotivated which I suffer from time to time. I have to force myself to do what needs to get done. This time of year, even though we are farther along into spring than up north I find it hard to get motivated. When it's 30-50 degress in the morning and I wait for it to warm up enough to get outside and get something accomplished it's noon or later and I just don't have the motivation to get started that late in the day. Maybe it's an old age thing? The next 5 days the morning temps are in the 60's raising up to high 80s and even up to 90 a couple of days. So now I can get out early and get things done before it gets hot out. THEN take an afternoon nap. LOLOLOL

  2. Might be that...I'm getting :-)

  3. Huh??? Old???? NOT!! You're just tired from the A to Z, see? Motivation will come with the nice warm weather. The sun will shine yellow. You shall be fine. Wanna cookie?! ":))

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    1. This reponse is a SPAM and has nothing to do with the article.

    2. Yes, I found that out just now when I got around to reading it.

  5. Sure hope it worked, Glory! Once again you made me giggle...that picture of the baby illustrates my blah days to a "T" :)Have a great day, dear lady!


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