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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Does This Happen?

Well, I may ask how does this-- and many other things-- happen in my garden, but I usually know the answer.

Case in point, I found this shrub Honeysuckle growing right along side, almost inside and mixed up with a Rose-Of-Sharon. At first glance it would seem it happened overnight--that is to say, they do grow quick enough to make you think this, but it's not the case, of course. I missed it as a tiny seedling and it grew unheeded, untouched and very fast. By the time I found it, the Honeysuckle was already half a Glory tall and much more difficult to extract.

Easy to miss it I mean. It's also easy to snip it in the bud and be done with it....if you are lucky enough to catch it as a seedling. *Sigh* that's my problem...never quite catch them in time. Hence why I find myself asking how does this happen?


  1. Glory, you need honeysuckle and maple tree alarms, and the will to pull those babies out of the ground when you first see them when they are knee-Glory high and still LITTLE, but of course they are so darned cute, so you subconsciously leave them there, loving every growing thing, you big softie! ":)

  2. I'll dig thru my notebooks and find the complete Glory-based measurement system I can't remember it off hand.

    If momma nature gives you yew, you make a yew bow!


    1. A "Glory" is 5'1 and 1/2" in length. What in the world can I do with a yew bow?


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