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Monday, May 21, 2012

Love of Hostas

Have I mentioned my love of Hostas?

Hostas of yellows and greens and greens and yellows...all sorts of greens. Bright greens and pale greens, greens of a gray hue...greens of a blue hue, too.

Solid green Hostas and Hostas with a bit of white. Hostas with a slash of white...Hostas with a thin edge of white. Hostas with textured foliage...solid and erect...curling and soft.  Hostas with ribs and veins...Hostas with ripples and ruffles.

Hostas, Baby! Like I said before...I love me some Hostas.


  1. What do I say Glory? I say, " What about the flowers on hostas?" Do yours get any? We have a blue-green hosta that gets the most beautiful white flowers on it. Do you have any? Hostas are beautiful plants, no wonder you love'em! ~R

  2. Oh, they all get flowers but I find them rather superfluous and almost bothersome. Yes, they are lovely and some quite fragrant, but the foliage is far superior than the blossoms. Can't say that about any other perennial!

  3. I can tell you love------ hostas! I don't comment much because I'm not a Gardner, a horticulturist,... I just like pretty things :) Angie

  4. Angie, You don't have to know a single thing about flowers, plants and trees to enjoy them. Pretty things is fine with me!


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