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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Missing Honeysuckle Flowers

What? I missed the Honeysuckle flowers? That is what I thought had happened. I almost had a heart attack!

When I came back from our April vacation I freaked when I saw the honeysuckle hedge all leafed out. I thought I had missed the flowers. I can't tell you how much I love the scent of honeysuckle in full bloom. To miss it would be the ultimate tragedy.  Then I looked closer and I saw the buds only starting to swell. That's when I remembered that, unlike many spring flowering trees and shrubs, the flowers come after the leaves. Whew!

I found the honeysuckle vine growing like gangbusters, as usual, but it wasn't blooming yet either.

I was very relieved to know I had not missed the honeysuckle flowers. See? Vacation away from the garden is not always good.


  1. Saved by the bell, Glory. The Golden Bell,do you have forsythia by that name? Golden Bell always blossoms first, just to make you feel happy! ":) !R

  2. Not sure what variety I have, Like I've said before, I "borrowed" branches from a neighbor's forsythia to create all the plants I have. I guess that's the drawback from propagating from other's plants. You never know what you'll get unless they know what variety they have...which rarely happens in my case.

  3. You're definitely right on that score, Glory. Missing honeysuckle blooms would not be good at all.

    Oh, did I tell you? My wisteria tree, the baby we got several years ago for our anniversary, is finally starting to bloom. This poor thing nearly died the year we got snow. Then that one summer when we had umpteen degree heat for (literally) months, it nearly died again. Each time, it somehow comes back, and now the very top of it is blooming. Still working on the onion bloom pics for you, and I think I'll include one of my little tree for you too. I think I'll go do that right now before I forget or get side-tracked. I'll add them to my photos on facebook, so you can see them there.

    1. Way cool! Getting a wisteria to bloom is my ultimate gardening goal. Thanks, MJ!

    2. My's my jacaranda tree that's blooming. I don't have wisteria - the neighbors do...I get those two (with their pretty purple flowers) confused all the time. Oh, well. It's still very pretty, don't you agree? Happy Saturday, Glory - and Happy Mom's Day too!

  4. If only I could give you all my forsythia and wysteria what a happy gardener I would be!


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