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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Nursery Garden

My nursery garden back in the day
I slightly touched upon my nursery garden the other day while lamenting about having too many peonies. I promised to tell you about the one I have, but I don't suppose you even know what a nursery garden actually is, so I'll tell you that first.

Real nursery garden

 A nursery garden is just an out of the way plot of land--usually beside a greenhouse--where you plant and keep trees, shrubs and/or perennials which are not quite ready or big enough to enter the formal gardens or flower beds. It is in essence your very own garden center. You start off with very inexpensive and usually tiny plants, trees, shrubs or perhaps plants you grow from seed. They then are sheltered in this garden and allowed to grow either in their own pots or right in the ground.

Sell my babies?
I first did this with the tiny trees I always received on a yearly basis as a "free" gift when re-newing my membership into the Arbor Day Foundation. These trees were barely over a foot tall so planting them in pots and putting them in this safe spot away from roaming deer, nibbling rabbits and nasty winters was a very good idea.

At one point Tom and I actually thought about opening up a garden center and although I didn't really think much of it--I mean to say, me selling my plants to strangers who might not know how to care for them or just kill them? It really didn't sit well with me-- but for Tom he actually thought it was a great idea and an achievable one, even though there were already three garden centers just in our tiny town plus the supermarket and the Farm supply stores which always sell plants for the summer. He's always the big thinker in the family--and slightly delusional at times. More on that some other time.

So, whenever Tom spotted some perennials, seeds or baby trees on sale he'd grab them and bring them home. No, he's not one of those sensible types who buys only one of each. Oh, no, not Tom! He would buy 3-4-5 of each variety and then buy several cultivars, too. Hence, how I got all those peonies!


My nursery garden, alas, is a mess at the moment. There are more weeds, wild raspberry plants, native viburnum and quaking Aspen saplings in it than "real" plants. It had been a pretty sight once upon a time, though. I planted it more like a mixed perennial bed, so of course it was lovely!


  1. I love to garden. Often show my attempts on my blog. I just got divorced and moved out of state. So I'm starting from scratch. It is my serenity, digging in the dirt.

    Earl May

  2. Messy or not, that is one cool nursery garden:)

  3. Glory, you call that messy? Not at all. Stuff in nature isn't all lined up, is it? Are there weeds in the wild? Of course! Your nursery garden is excellent and beautiful! ":)

  4. I'm with M.J., that is a great nursery...

    1. Oh, it doesn't look like that anymore! Picture a bramble mess which can barely be traversed without stepping on something--quite overgrown and...well, I'll just have to post a picture of it today. It ain't pretty!


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