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Friday, May 25, 2012

Neon Lights Azaleas

Glory, Alexis and Justin

We--meaning Tommy and I--were first introduced to the pretty and rather fragrant Neon Lights Azaleas one lovely spring when we managed to visit Highland Park, the Botanical garden in Rochester, NY.

Brandon, Tyler and Tommy exploring the fall's edge

We were on the way back home from a trip to Niagara Falls and I have to say I liked this garden visit almost as much as seeing the falls for the second time. That's saying something! I love-love-love Niagara Falls!

We had the garden almost entirely to ourselves which was wonderful! We were told by a volunteer worker that we had just missed the annual Lilac Festival--a huge event with vendors, music, loads of frolicking people-- undoubtedly there for the fanfare and not the garden delight which delight me--and lots and lots of noise.

Oddly, I wasn't sad about that. I don't like crowds, especially at a garden, so I was quite glad to have missed all the festivities. I'm just funny that way.

We saw azaleas in neon yellows, oranges and pinks at the garden, but I only have this orange one, but it certainly is neon bright, don't you think?


  1. Cool azaleas! Hot colour! Have you ever dragged Tommy over to see the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls? That is spectacular! ":)

  2. Of course! Loved it, but that was before 9-11 messed everything up and made it almost impossible to get over there now. Beautiful gardens there. Buffalo has made an effort to spruce things up a bit on this side, so that's good.


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