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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Odd Spring Indeed

Yoshino Cherry tree

I'm not telling you anything you haven't heard a thousand times in the past few months, but by-gosh-by-golly, this has been an odd spring indeed. That is to say, here in the northeastern part of the USA. First, most of us didn't have much of a usual type winter, summer seemed to jump over spring and lingered for a good while, then winter came back again and I think now we can say we are experiencing a real true spring...I think.

Forsythia still yellow

You can never tell what will happen next so I hesitate to say anything in actuality. I'm bound to be corrected in the most hideous that snow squall we had at the end of April...End of April! Gees-Louise, could it get any weirder? Don't hold your breath for normal, is my advice.
Peach tree blossoms

But this odd type of weather has done relatively good things. For one thing I have never seen the Ornamental Cherry trees bloom for so long. It's been in flower for about three weeks now and still the blossoms are stubbornly staying in place. Won't hear me complaining about that! It's my greatest lament that flowering tree season is so very fleeting. Not this year though!

The forsythia has never stayed so yellow for so long. The leaves appear to be ever-so-slowly emerging, as if they just don't feel like hurrying to show themselves. What's up with that? Have no clue!

Pretty Daffodil
To my utter astonishment even the Daffodils are hanging around, kind of scraggly looking now due to a week's worth of rain, but before that they were perky as when they first started to bloom. Just bizarre, I'm tell you. Odd spring indeed, but like I said before, won't catch me complaining...just admiring it and telling you about it, but never complaining.


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  2. Love your blog Glory...expect the unexpected in gardens this year...Just so things keep on blooming and "never complaining" a great way to live too.:)

  3. Glory, we have two daffodils that were brave enough to come out, there might be some more today if it warms up! I'll tell 'ya, it's been weird here too! Our poor little Forsythia came out in bloom and then decided to go back to sleep again! I don't know what's up with that one, it's not the usual Forsythia (Golden Bell) but has slightly smaller flowers. As Olivia says, "expect the unexpected" and wait and see seems to be the right thing to do. Have a wonderful day!

  4. just been blogging about the same type of thing on the other side of the Atlantic! weird no.


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