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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poppies, Poppies!

Poppies...we have poppies...

I always get the funny urge to run through the poppies when I see my poppy patch a-blooming, but I wonder if I will fall in a deadly sleep if I do? And yikes! Will the good fairy save me with a freak snow storm?

You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? What if I said...Dorothy?....Toto?  Wicked witch from the East?

Yes, the weird turn of this gardener's bizarre mind just leaves you wondering yourself, doesn't it?

And all because I'm looking at poppies, poppies!


  1. Yes, Glory, definitely weird...and wonderful. I like poppies, they are beautiful, don't seem to demand any attention at all except admiration, and to top it all off, some of them seem to be perennial. They seem to be spreading. ":) What is that, your poppy-seed pot?

  2. I was revising and adding to this as you were posting your comment. So you may want to look at it again. The Copper pot is for hiding the garden hose. I think it's pretty.

  3. California poppies are the best. Growing up, we used to pass them everywhere. They'd fill in all the empty spaces along the highways and roads. Oh, they were a sight for sore eyes each spring and summer. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, Glory:)

  4. I love poppies too! They are the state flower of California. There are poppies giant poppy fields outside of Lancaster CA, just like the ones in Oz..they go for miles- tons of them.

    1. I have a sister of a friend who sent me a photo of one of them California Poppy did seem to go forever! Wondering where I put that photo????


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