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Friday, May 11, 2012

Swimming with the Fishes or Justin

Have I said lately that swimming with the fishes is a vast deal like swimming with Justin...sort of.

Why, yes, Justin does like to swim...a lot. How can you tell?  His swim suits disintegrating after vacation would be your first clue.

On average he spends 4-6 hours each day of vacation, almost non-stop in a pool, going back and forth like your typical Manatee; slowly, gently, with no desire nor thought to leave the water. Only thing different is Justin actually gets out of the water to eat.

If it had been a tiny tear I would have instantly sewed it up good as new, no problem, but this was on both sides, right down each seam. There was no way I could fix that well enough. I would normally cut this up for rags and be done with it, but Justin really needed this swim suit for swim practice. I had no time to go to a store to get him a new one, you see, and practice was in a couple of hours.

 So, I went into the craft room for some inspiration and oddly enough it came to me in the form of an old swim suit which no longer fit Brandon. It was perfectly fine, unlike Justin's, but no longer useful just like Justin's...until I combined the two. I cut out the two side panels of Brandon's suit and sewed it onto Justin's, effectively sealing the ripped seams and giving Justin a cool racing stripe suit which he was rather pleased with.

It makes him so happy and it's good exercise, all this swimming--even if he does mostly just float, so we let him swim to his heart's content. But Lordy, it sure is murder on swim suits.Now if we could just convince him to go skinny dipping...


  1. LOL Sounds like my husband!

  2. I hope your husband makes you laugh as much as Justin does us. Cracks me up with the things he says!

  3. Now that what I call innovative! Good going, Glory:)


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