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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Too Many Peonies

If you follow me on Facebook--no, not gonna ask you to anymore. That would be too much like begging at this point and I won't beg. It's your loss-- you will know Tom brought me flowers and I complained about it. Why? Because they were peonies and  I have too many peonies!

So, there I was minding my own business--I was writing another chapter for An Ever Fixed Mark. Which reminds me, I still haven't finished this week's installment. Gotta do that. Be right back. Okay, now that it's done I can continue without distractions--when Tom comes home from work with a bunch of bulbs and among them were peonies. No, not a bunch of  flowers ready for the vase. Tom knows I much prefer flowers which give and give again and again. I'm talking about the tubers which will eventually grow into flowers once they are planted in my way-too-full-of peony-garden. Yes, I have too many peonies!

Singles, doubles I have them al
Peonies! The one flower--okay, one of the flowers--of which I have too many and this is what Tom decides to bring me?

I shook my head in utter dismay. Had this man not listened to a darn thing I said last autumn when I was lamenting of having too many peonies for my new peony garden???? Obviously not.

Karl Marx looks just like Festiva Maxima to me

It would have been different if the peonies had been different. That is to say, these which Tom brought home were either ones I already had or they looked too similar to ones I already have to make a difference. I already have Sarah Bernhardt, Karl Marx and Sorbet and while I don't have Dr. Alexander Fleming, President Taft and Edulis Superba, they look very much like others I already have. What good is that?

And have I mentioned that my peonies do something no other gardener's peonies do? My understanding is that mine are the only ones I know of which actually go to seed and those seeds make baby peonies. Yes, each year I end up finding new baby peonies everywhere. They're practically weeds around here! The prettiest darn weeds I've ever seen and ones I refuse to yank out--so far anyway--but weeds nonetheless.

What do you mean I have too many Daylilies? NEVER!

More peonies for me and I'm not too thrilled about it. I know, I know! I never thought the day would come when I would say there is such a thing as too many peonies, but that day has come.

Why couldn't they be Tree Peonies?

While I'm not entirely finished with the peony garden--if you will recall autumn came too quickly and took even less time to turn to winter so the garden lay unfinished and I didn't even get half the peony plants out of the nursery. What? I haven't told you about my very own plant nursery? Are you sure? Well, I'll tackle that next time.

Another Sorbet Peony, oh joy!
I just don't have anymore room in the peony garden, heck in any garden. Yes, it was silly of me to make it so small. I had to plant one peony in the white flower bed, and the others in the rose garden. How I will break the news to Julie I will never know! It's her rose garden, you know...kind of, sort of. Now it's not just a rose garden...more on that some other time.

So, if I ever have a contest in which I'm offering a prize, you can bet your bottom dollar it'll likely--so very likely-- be a peony. Did I mention I have too many peonies?


  1. I think you probably have the right amount of peonies. There are never too many when someone you love brings them. Did you ever try day lily blossoms sauteed in butter? Delicious.

  2. Not yet, but I guess I should try it. Anything sauteed in butter is for me! :-)

  3. Bulbs turning to seed...that's a new one for me! Although, I've got some gorgeous red onions that are flowering right now, and flowers tend to drop seeds when they finish. you think my red onions are seeding themselves, Glory. I'll have to take a pic so you can see...

    Looking forward to seeing what you're up to tomorrow on here, Glory. You always give us that little tease ... curiosity has a way of getting the best of me, and I love visiting Glory's Garden all the time anyway:) Happy Thursday to you!

    1. Not the bulbs themselves, but my peony flowers go to seed because I don't religiously deadhead. Those seeds drop onto fertile soil and there ya go! Baby peonies everywhere I look. I'll bet your onions are doing just that, re-seeding. Chives are notorious for it so why not red onions? I'd love pix of them!

    2. Ah, I rarely deadhead my flowers. Sometimes I'll collect the seed pods after they dry on the plants, to plant seeds in other parts of the yard, but deadheading is a tedious task and I like seeing so many flowers when I don't. Although...I'm having an issue with my marigolds this about weeds! Wish my snapdragons would do that!

      I'll see what I can do about getting some pics to you:)


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