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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to Penn State's Arboretum

I didn't finish showing you everything at Penn State's Arboretum, so prepare to be floored...okay, I exaggerate, but not by much.

Grapes on the fence, seemed too young to have fruit this year, but I'll bet we'll find some next year. Justin's already said he's coming back, so...I'll be seeing the garden again. YAY!

Espalier Apple trees were young, but they show promise. I just hope they have the deer situation under some control, or else...

They have a nice perennial bed as well as annuals. These are Red-hot pokers and the bees loved them. They were buzzing all over the flowers.

Zinnia... orange ones and....
Pale green ones, too.


AKA  Pelargonium. Don't you just love the colors on the foliage? I know I do! Barely needs the flowers to make them pretty...but it's nice to see those glowing red blossoms, just the same.

Wow, double Black-eyed-Susans. These are cute! Remind me of Teddy bears somehow.

 Don't quite recall what these are..Allium of some sort...but don't they look like fireworks? So cool!


Celosia with their neon colors won't get lost in a crowd.

Ooh, some pretty Hosta were planted around the pavilion.

If you want to have a party, wedding reception or family gathering with a lovely view, this is the place.

Sure is pretty country at State College and the Arboretum at Penn State just makes it all the better. If you have the chance, go see it for yourself.


  1. Great pics, Glory! Thanks for sharing with us, we don't get to see many of these flower except in the gardening catalogs, they don't grow here. We do have grapes and geraniums there's hope yet, don't you think so? ":)

  2. Thank you, Mac. Now if you could only grow some, I would have done the world a good turn.


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