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Friday, June 1, 2012

Clematis Time

It seems everything is blooming all at once and now it's Clematis time.

At one time I knew the names of each of these vines, but with some dying off, others getting nibbled to death by ravenous rabbits and missing one's replaced with others...well, let's just say they are pretty and be quite done with it, shall we?

Oh, but I am quite pleased with them this year. They started up quickly what with the warm start to spring, but lucky for me and them, they did not get nipped again by the cold snap in the middle weeks.

The warmish winter also allowed the rabbits and other vermin to seek sustenance elsewhere. YAY!

Gosh, they are nice. I do like Clematis time. Don't you?


  1. Wow, Glory, those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing those pics. We have ONE clematis that has only bloomed once in quite a few years-every year it dies down, so we dutifully clip it off,and in the spring it grows again, but by the time it's ready to bloom, it's fall again!

  2. I love my fall bloomer. Those tiny flowers look like a drift of snow on my deck rail.

    1. You must be talking about Autumn Joy Clematis. Oh, that one is lovely and usually has a nice fragrance. Lucky you to have one. That's one the rabbits got one year....GGGGRRRR!

  3. I like every bloomin' thing about Clem!

  4. Beautiful! I love flowering vines.

    1. If it's a vine and it grows flowers, I'm in love! LOL


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