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Friday, June 29, 2012

Flowers Don't Last Forever

T'is a pity indeed. Flowers don't last forever. They look stunning at first, but then comes the heavy downpour and...

Petals collapse and...

Fall to the ground to become tomorrow's compost.

No, flowers don't last forever, but their vital essence becomes food for the flowers of the future. Not a bad legacy for the fleeting blossom.


  1. Glory, as you know, it is, as with flowers, -all life. We sprout from seeds, flourish, display our human beauty, shoulder the rainfall of life and then get kind of decrepit, and fade away to take our place in nature. About the compost of life we know not, but why not?
    The other interesting thing is, if obsessed gardeners set flowers up carefully, there are always have some species in full bloom in turn. Always something beautiful to admire as others are fading into eternity. That's one of the reasons I like to add bonsai to the gardening mix. ":)

  2. But Glory, in your garden there is always another beauty ready to step up to the plate, for each one that fades.

  3. One year hail took all of my daffodils and tulips...and this year the deer ate most of the tulips...but while they were there it was wonderful.


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