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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Mystery Continues

The mystery continues. I found this photo of my mystery plant in flower! I had totally forgotten it had had flowers last year and I did take a photo of it. YAY! Then I went outside between cloud bursts and found that my current plant is flowering now too!

So, I posted this flowering photo on Facebook and asked all my garden buddies to try to identify it now. I mean to say, it had to be easier to find out what this plant is now that we have a flower to help.

Only thing is, the flower didn't help. It merely confused things!

One friend suggested it was a wild geranium--aka Cranesbill. Well, the leaves sure do look similar but the flowers? Not so much.

Another suggested it looked like a columbine.

The leaves again looked a little bit like it, but the flower, not at all!

Finally, I was told about the windflower and I checked it out and it did look promising at first, but...

The flowers again! And guess where this little plant comes from. Not anywhere near good old Pennsylvania, I can tell you! Columbia Windflower aka Anemone deltoidea hails from Oregon. So, really, what are the chances I got this plant from Oregon??? Okay, pretty good if you take into account our propensity for travel, but Oregon just so happens to be one of the few--I think it could be as few as fifteen-- states we have left to visit.
I've come to the conclusion that I must have "borrowed" some seeds from...whatever hybrid plant at who-knows-which garden, no doubt, and  the seeds I got were not "true" so I got this oddity....a mutation if you will.
So, no, I do not think my mystery plant is a windflower, a columbine or even a wild Geranium. I suppose that means I can call it whatever I wish. Unless there are any other guesses?


  1. I say make up a name, write it on a plant stake and stick it beside said plant and claim that bad bear!

    1. Tune in tomorrow and you'll see what it's named.

  2. Glory- I sent the pic to a professional botanist. Hoping she'll have an answer. I am stumped as to family even- flower a better indicator than leaves for that.


  3. It's a Cannabis plant. Did you lose a little baggie in the past? For all you pot heads who think cannabis has a 7 leaflet there are some cannabis plants that only have 5. I know, I just read a big argument on the net debating the difference between the two. I know it can't be that plant because the flowers don't quite match but who knows what grows in Glory's garden??? Maybe it's a hybrid of other plants. After all you have plants that travel in the night on ya. LOL

    1. At the fear of being called a liar for sounding like a presidential candidate,I have never done anything with Marijuana, although I do think it is a pretty plant and wouldn't mind growing it as a houseplant...if it were legal.

    2. someone practicing a little self-reliance or in other terms a prepper just might want to have a few seeds on hand. After all it is a good herb for pain or so they say. I remember when I had just joined the Navy and we visited Thailand you could buy a brick of it for $2. Not that I ever bought any. I always smoked everyone elses. Of course that was years ago.

  4. It's a Cannabis plant. Did you lose a baggie sometime in the past? I know, all you pot heads out there will insist a Cannabis plant has a 7 leaflet but there are some species that have only 5. I know because I just read a big debate over the quality between the two??? It simply could be a cross breed of what your already have in your garden. After all you have plants that travel during the night...LOLOL


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