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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Visit to Quakertown


  1. Beautiful stuff, so what are they? I know the Irises, but not the rest! Nameless flowers? ":)

  2. Well, it is supposed to be wordless Wednesday but I'll tell you anyway.
    1. Bearded Iris--"Mildred Peirce" I believe.
    2. Variegated Euonymus who is starting to get un-variegated growth, I hope you noticed.
    3. A Beautiful Dogwood, Cornus florida, my favorite spring blooming tree.
    4. Flag Iris
    5. Another lovely dogwood tree.

  3. Why do they call it dogwood anyway? Not that dogs are not beautiful, but I don't think of flowers when I think of dogs.

  4. It's anyone's guess how any flower or tree gets its name. Total mystery most times.


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