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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pilfering Thwarted

Pilfering thwarted indeed!

There we were at Longwood Botanical Garden when we came upon the huge  helleborus patch we had seen a bloom way back in April. Well, don't you know, I looked for seeds and oh, the agony of it all! Not a single seed to be seen. They had all opened and dropped to their fertile soil to grow the patch anew.

I searched and searched--granted only on the perimeter of the twenty foot wide and forty foot long patch. I was not going to trample the poor dears!-- but to no avail. Not a seed was to be had. No pod was left unopened.

We were too late.

My pilfering was thwarted. Ah, well, better luck next time.


  1. That's terrible! There should have been at least ONE seed available to pilfer for an obsessed gardener! Speak to the management...":)

    1. Then they would have kicked us out and revoked out year membership. Not planning on doing that anytime soon!

  2. Why didn't you just dig up a couple of plants and take them home? I would have written a guest post seeking contribution to your bail...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I had some flowers once, don't remember what they were. I was planning on collecting seeds from them. Went out one day and most of the pods were open. I saw one plant that had an unopened pod on it, so I was going to snip it off. I barely touched the stem and it went "click" and the pod opened and the tiny seeds scattered.

  5. Oh, those are called ballistic seeds,Mike, they just kind explode and go all over. Really cool, except, of course, when you plan on collecting them. Gotta be pretty careful then.

  6. Glory I think Chipmunkees out pilferred!


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