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Monday, June 25, 2012

Stoned Again

Yes,  I've been stoned again...perhaps that's not the right terminology, though. I'll explain.

So, there I was weeding the Julie Friendship Rose garden, when as usual I find a stone...and then another and another until...

Blimey! It happens every single time I weed this garden. For the past three years I get buckets and buckets full of rocks. This time I filled up 3 buckets with rocks and stones and most weren't tiny pebbles, either. There were a few huge ones I decided to use as stepping stones which wouldn't fit in the buckets at all.

Astonishing indeed. I always get buckets full of rocks-- no matter how many times I dig out all the stones I can find. How is that possible???

Ah, well. I suppose some mischievous garden gnome hides them in the soil when I'm not looking, just to screw with me feeble, heat dizzy head.

I guess it may be better than finding a snake in among the roses, but gosh-darn-it, I'm getting tires of getting stoned again and again and again....


  1. Glory, when the ground freezes it pushes up more rocks every season, if they're mostly flat limestone, they're a blessing in disguise, you can make a nice stone fence with them! WE have rounded, almost impossible-to-break granite stones, and all you can do with them is pile'em up in heaps! Make a little Stonehenge for your roses. ":)

  2. Yes, I suppose that is it. There was tons of freezing and thawing going on which leads to heaving those stones up. But you would think I would eventually get them all out, no?

  3. Your garden was probably a river bed long ago. Or a rock garden LOL!

    Happy Monday :)

  4. Then that would be true of my entire 4 acre peice! There is a glacial lake about 400 feet deep not more than a fifteen minute drive from here, so...could be that too. One never knows!


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