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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Ten Things I have to do before I do the one thing I want to do

This is the story of the ten things I had to do before I did the one thing I want to do. Case in point, my hanging baskets.

I meant to mention my hanging baskets before this, but as usual, I got side-tracked. I think I told you about them last autumn when Tom bought them on super-duper save at the end of the growing season--that's when you get all the good stuff cheap, in case you were wondering.

So, I put them away in a hidden corner behind a large houseplant, so I wouldn't see them all winter long and don't you know I almost forgot all about them. Well, I couldn't see them, now could I??? Just another case of out of sight, out of mind.

Well, I did eventually find them and I planned on planting all sorts of pretty things in them. Oh, I had visions of petunias, Impatiens, Morning Glories and other things, whatever struck my fancy, but first I needed some potting soil...only thing is I didn't have any on hand. I did however have top soil and peat moss.

Do you know the difference between top soil and potting soil? Neither did I, but I could guess. Potting soil is supposed to be light and fluffy and this top soil Tom brought home one day was not at all light and fluffy. It was instead heavy--very heavy!-- and clumpy.

I figured peat moss might help. I just needed to lighten up the top soil by mixing in enough peat moss. This wasn't so easily done as I would have liked. First, I'm not very strong--did I mention the HEAVY bag of HEAVY top soil was HEAVY? By the way, the big bag of peat moss was heavy too...just thought you'd want to know.

Anyway, I huffed and puffed and finally got part of the contents of the bag into my soil storage tub, then I added peat moss and I mixed it all up with my handy-dandy hoe-- I knew that thing would come in handy one day. More top soil, more peat moss and more mixing until the tub was full of fluffy potting soil and I was ready.

Guess what I did next? Well, I kind of forgot after doing the ten things I had to do before I did the thing I wanted to do. When I remember I'll let you know.


  1. Ha! I thought you were going to tell us how good you are to do 10 things like wash the dishes, make the bed, blah blah before you got to play in your garden every day. I was hoping some good influence would rub off on me!

  2. Funny!
    I came across your blog quite by accident while searching online for plants to plant in my half acre wildernes. I found your article 'The Best Plants For Rock Gardens'. Thank you. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Can't wait to see the baskets hanging!

    1. Oh, yeah, that's what I forgot! Thanks for the reminder.


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