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Friday, June 22, 2012

Trimming the Rhododendrons

Recall, if you will, how I trimmed back the Rhododendrons along this path last year around this time. The path was...well, what path? It could hardly be seen. A person could barely get through let alone a wheelbarrow. It's filled in some, but it's still passable.

Now, the Rhodos on the side yard are another story. I don't think I have ever trimmed these. I don't think I ever thought I needed to. The rhodos had the side yard all to themselves for the longest time.

Now the Rose garden is in the side yard, too, and although there is plenty of room for walking and even for a wheelbarrow, it is a nasty business getting the lawn mower under those branches which hang over the barrier a good three feet. Bother!

So, some major clipping had to be done to fix this problem.

Loads of clipping to be hauled away to the hugelkulture thingy I'm trying to do, just like Julie Helms has done over at Wooly Acres. I'll tell you about that some other time.

Several wheelbarrows full of clippings later and the Rhododendrons look good...well, they're okay looking, but they will fill in soon enough and look great. You might not think so, but there's no telling since I forgot to take a picture of it. If it doesn't rain I'll do that tomorrow.

Oddly enough, trimming the rhododendrons was oddly satisfying...and I don't even like trimming!

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  1. Haha, Glory, trimming anything out in the yard is satisfying, don't you think so? I love pruning stuff! Interestingly, the more you prune, the faster stuff grows, just to make you happy!


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