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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What is this plant?

I'm at a loss. I just don't know what this plant is and I really would like to know.

Only clues I have is that--because it is currently residing in the herb garden--that it possibly could be an herb of some sort. This isn't a sure thing though. Knowing me as I do, I'm likely to plant just about anything anywhere. No, rhyme or reason.

I don't remember planting it--seeds or plant. I don't know if someone gave it to me or if  I pilfered--excuse me, I mean borrowed-- it from who-knows-where.

It is a pretty little thing, don't you think? Well, I like it plenty. I do so like the shape of the leaves.  I have yet to see it flower, so I can't say one way or the other if there is a flower to expect. Really, I'm clueless here!

So, if any of you recognize this, give me a shout out. I'd so appreciate to know what the heck this plant is!


  1. A weed? Come on, you know I can't tell the difference between a weed and a flower. The only way I know a plant is a veggie is because I plant them in rows. Anything not in the row is a weed.

  2. Glory, it's a.....ta--daaaaa! Nice plant. I haven't got a clue! What does it smell like? I'll see if I can find out! Just hope it's edible like my 'Ground Elder' which, by the way, tastes great! ":))

  3. There might be a hint for you, I clicked on 'properties' of the photo, and it says "Bethleham flowers" +040. Does that help? Did you buy seeds from Bethleham flowers or something? Maybe it's a flower ":))

  4. It kind of reminds me of Mugwort, but I'm pretty sure it is not.

    My advice is to NOT smoke any until you find out for sure.

  5. I have no idea but my daughter the botanist might....but she's living 1/2 way around the world where it's I can't ask her to check until she wakes up.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. it looks like wild geranium but I could be wrong. But google it and see if I am right.

  7. it looks like wild geranium but I could be wrong. But google it and see if I am right.


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