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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What you won't do for love...of garden

What you won't do for love...that is to say, for the garden that you love...excuse me while I groove to the song first...

Okay, enough of that. I promised to tell you about the drastic measures I had to resort to in my quest to rid my garden of a nasty, hideous, invasive, plaguing weed. The weed of which I speak?

Artemisia vulgaris. Oh, but I hate this thing! It's irritating to the skin, is one of the few plants which make my nose twitch and boy, does it run amok in the garden! UGH! It doesn't even have a flower to make it less repulsive.

Those roots spread worse and faster than flu through a kindergarten class. Oh, but they are insidious, creeping in, through, among and around all your beloved plants until they are...well, just look what they did to my poor Yews.

If you said, "What Yews?" I've made my point. You can barely see them for the weeds! And so that is where drastic measures had to come into play. I literally had to dig out the entire--and I might add rather heavy--yews and extract as much of the weedy, stringy, creepy roots which were entangled with those roots of the Yew. I had to loosen and strip off quite a bit of soil from the root ball, but it was that or forget about the Yew all together.
I found the yew!

The Yews are not my favorites--never were. The straggly things have never prospered-- but I wasn't going to give up such valuable garden real estate to this horrible weed. I transplanted two of the Yews so far--There are five all together-- but I think I'll send the remaining ones over to Brandon's new house which needs something out front to make it pretty. Brandon gave me free reign so... That's the plan.

So, in my case, the answer to what I won't do for love of garden...not much.


  1. Glory, we have something like that around here that looks like that too, but it's not much of a bother. Maybe yours is a super-variety.
    You must have more energy than the energizer bunny digging up those Yews. I think Brandon needs'em at his place! What a genius idea!

    Although, there is another idea for you to consider, YEWS do make fine bonsai, clip off all of the extra stems, reduce the roots, leave the crookedest, most interesting one with some foliage on it, and prune back the big roots, and pot it...hehe The specimen in the wheelbarrow would make a fine bonsai. ( Yews do not survive winter in our zone.)

    Hm..that Artimesia vulgaris must be good for something...

    1. Oh, sure, it's good at irritating me no end.

  2. Glory, your love of weeds has been shared too! ":)


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