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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Mystery Plant

Yes, I'm at it again with another mystery plant. I found this growing in the cracks on the driveway along the daylily hill and I just have no clue what it is.

 It has these lovely, bright green leaves with good, contrast veining and a bit of a crinkle to the edges which gives them character. The stems have a slight pink tint to them and it seems to be multi-branching, but that could be because I yanked it out a few times before I could make it out for the beautiful little plant that it is--in essence coppicing it, therefore encouraging it to branch out.

If I were to guess--and this would be a wild guess at best-- I'd say it's a type of beech tree or possibly a viburnum type shrub plant of sorts. I don't know if it gets flowers. I'm on the look out for that. Before summer's out I will try again to extract it from its current home. I could break the driveway asphalt and make it easier on me, but I think Tom would have a major problem with that. I try not to annoy my Tommy. He has enough idiots doing that, doesn't need me joining them. Nope-nope-nope.

I first noticed this plant last year and I liked it then so much that I tried to dig it out to replant in a safer and better place--you know, like a place not in the cracks on the driveway where some evil person could just come along and step on it! Unfortunately, I couldn't dig into that tiny crack and it snapped leaving the roots intact and out of reach. Blast it all! If it had been a dandelion I would at that point have poured boiling water in the crack and tried to kill it, but I just didn't want to. I like my mystery plant.

I know, I know. I shouldn't care because it's just a weed. Well, I wouldn't care if it wasn't so darn pretty. Look at those leaves. Does that look anything like a weed to you? Who said yes out there??? Oh, what do you know!

By-gosh-by-golly it simply doesn't look like a weed. It looks like something for which people pay good money. So, I ask for any ideas. If you recognize it, give a holler. If you simply want to guess, be my guest. If you wish to advice I yank it out and forget about it, well, frankly, forget you!

I say it ain't no weed and so it's not. Nope, not any closer to discovering what it could be and I may never know, but I like it and what I like stays. It's just the way things are at Glory's garden.

Another mystery plant to ponder about... such is my lot. Don't you love it? I do!


  1. It looks like something you would find in Florida. Please keep us posted. Perhaps Home Extension could identify it.

  2. Replies
    1. A specific name for the weed is what I was looking for, silly! I actually want someone to tell me it's not a weed.

  3. Notice how the veins split near the leaf edges? This is NOT beech. The veins in a beech don't split at all, just go straight to the leaf edge without curving. The ones I know anyway.

    The reddish stalks with opposing leaf structure (leaves opposite each other on the stem as opposed to alternating) and the longish, narrow shape of the leaves with veins that curve to follow the leaf edge speaks of dogwood to me, but the split veins do not, although there are many dogwoods and some might have veins that split. It might possibly be the offspring of a hybrid dogwood.


    1. It does kind of look like a dogwood. I see that now! I have a Kousa Dogwood and have no luck with Cornus florida--the common dogwood. I think they don't like my swampy yard. But how in the world would a hybrid get here when I see none around? The mystery continues, but thanks, Mike!


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