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Monday, July 9, 2012

Butterfly on Rhododendrons

While I was taking a stroll around the garden I chanced to see a butterfly fluttering around the rhododendrons. I tried to catch it with my camera, but boy was it tough.

The butterfly was not a very lazy one. It kept bouncing around the flowers, not satisfied with any of them.

It was a nice little butterfly....I believe a swallowtail?

Well, at least I got to see it for a while and almost got pictures of it.

Butterfly on a Rhododendron...what could be better? Okay, two of them! I'll try to catch two next time.


  1. As a young boy, I often caught butterflies and kept them in jars. Once I discovered they did not survive like that, I still tried to catch them, but let them go.

    Catching a tiger swallowtail like the one in these pictures was an elusive prize for a number of years. I caught one eventually and looked at it for a few minutes before I let it go.

    Surprisingly, it fluttered around and then landed on my shoulder for a moment.

  2. You actually got a better than usual shot - I've been trying to get pics of butterflys, dragonflys and damselflies for an uncle macs snorer but all I have is one washed out dragonfly thus far.

  3. Poor Mac. It takes time and patience and it sure helps if you have so many butterflies --and in your case dragon flies-- to catch one by chance!Keep trying.


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