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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clandestine Gardening Take 2

So, you wish to know how I go about doing this clandestine gardening. Well take 2 should help. I'll tell you, it ain't easy. Actually, it is. It's just doing it when Tom is less likely to notice it. That is why it's a bit tough. I am at the mercy of his irregular schedule and the hope that it coincides with a sunny day for ease of implementation. So I really can't make plans. It has to be a spur of the moment thing.
Honeysuckle shrub has to go!

Take this huge Honeysuckle shrub which I never planted here, for instance...please! It would have saved me a lot of trouble if you had. I told Tom--big mistake-- that I wanted to get rid of it and he nixed that idea straight away.

"Why would you want to get rid of it? It's really nice," he said.

Well, yes, it is nice, but #1-I have enough of them-- an entire forty foot long hedge is plenty--#2- it's too big--it takes up too much room where it is, room which I need for more desirable plants--and #3- it makes babies everywhere--you don't want to know how many honeysuckle babies I have to yank out every single year!

He said, "No, leave it where it is. I like it there. Besides, it's too much trouble to remove at this point." And that--or so he thought-- was that.

Clandestine gardening take 2:
Down to nothing

Tom really doesn't know me very well if he doesn't think I'll go to any lengths to do right by my garden. Saying bye-bye to this menace was doing good. I decided my friend Sandy could use this thing in her sparse landscape, and so that is where it was going whether she likes it or not. Hey, Clandestine gardening takes all forms! But I digress.

I, however, I am not crazy enough nor strong enough to dig the entire thing out and haul it intact to her house--it stands over a Glory high and equally wide and I have no clue what it might weigh, but it's more than I'm willing to try. It would just be too awkward and difficult to move as is. Besides, this is the wrong time of year to transplant most garden plants.

So, I clipped all the branches off and stacked them in my handy garden cart. It's funny how much more it looks when you have to try to fit it all in the tiny garden cart. It took two trips to the compost pile!
Too much for the little cart
After I cut down that one I started on the equally big bush directly behind it. Oh, didn't I tell you there were two of them? Tom thought it was just one giant bush, but I knew it was two. Yes, one each, a yellow flowering one--the native kind-- and the pink flowering one--the Tartarian Honeysuckle which I actually paid for...or from which plant this "baby" grew.
Already growing back

Fear not. Clipping it down to nothing didn't hurt it one bit. Just a week or so later it already re-sprouted. Just can't kill these things. I will wait until the end of summer and cooler weather to dig these babies out and replanting at Sandy's.

So, it's been over two weeks and Tom is none the wiser. Clandestine gardening works for me.


  1. Clandestine digging with the little backhoe will get the big roots out in no time,,,and yes, it's simple to use a backhoe, practice a bit...":) (hint hint)

    1. No way! I have perception problems in one eye so getting that thing out of the pole barn is taking risks I NEVER would do. I'd end up taking the pole barn down!

    2. So, Glory, use one eye and move very slowly, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it...putt putt putt...DIG DIG DIG.. bye-bye-roots in two minutes or less.... ":))

  2. I wonder why you wanted to get rid of this shrub Glory. It's so beautiful, it was healthy and your property certainly is big enough.

    1. I do have plenty of room but not endless amounts of deer-proof room--that space is fenced in to keep deer at bay. I need that space for the plants which the deer will destroy. This bush is nothing more than a weed to me where it is. It has to be removed.


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