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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clandestine Gardening

I'm betting you're wondering what clandestine gardening is. Well, it's when I do something on the sly, covert-like, surreptitious, not out in the open. You know, the mice playing while the cat's away sort of thing. Now, I suppose you're wondering why and who I need to hide from to do this sneaky garden stuff. That would be Tommy.
So busted!

You see, Tom has a hard time with change. It makes no sense, but there ya go. He should know the one constant in gardening is the constant change which occurs within it--if things go according to nature's plan which they mostly do regardless what we want.

You will recall my telling you how I wished to coppice my French Pussy Willow because it grew too big and how Tom nixed that idea. Now, clandestine gardening might have come into play there...of course, would it really have been  sly, covert-like, surreptitious, not out in the open if he came home after work to find a thirty foot tree nearly entirely gone--cut down to the quick as they say-- from the side yard? That he might notice and there goes the clandestine part of this operation.

So, the trick to clandestine gardening is to do this in such a way that it won't be noticed-at least not straight away. I'll show you later on what clandestine gardening looks like.


  1. I would have difficulty cutting down a tree that size--I love trees, the bigger the better. That, however, would be the ultimate cloak and dagger pruning, Glory... If you get away with that one, you'll be almost as clandestine as gardeners CAN get. Cool!

    1. No, I've given up on the Pussy Willow. Way too big for me to handle on myown. But I do have my sights on other, smaller things I can do on my own. You'll see soon enough.

  2. I hope it doesn't involve killing raccoons. I mean, look at the picture you posted ... is he cute or what?
    Or maybe you're planning to grow some weed, earn something on the side. If that works that idea might take off among other Helium writers.

    1. Hmm, I guess I wasn't very clear, but no, I do not do in furry critters. Clandestine gardening involves the removal or replacement of vegetation on the sly.


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