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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden Tour Continued

Our garden tour continues.

I have one sunflower and it's smack dab in the center of the walkway. I'll have to tell you what I've decided to do about my lack of sunflower cultivation skill another time.

Trumpet vines are popping now... and buzzing. I couldn't keep bees, wasps, flies and other insects away from this plant if I tried. They love-love-love them flowers!

I found an oddity in the garden--okay, my garden is made up of nothing but oddities. This grape vine decided to grow tangled up in the trumpet vine. Ah, well, more power to it.

It's Black-eyed Susan time! They are popping all over the place. They are super cheery. Ooh, love 'em!

The common daylilies may have stopped blooming, but now we have the unnamed hybrid dayliles and these look spectacular. This is just one of dozens I have in all sorts of colors. I'll have to do a Nearly Wordless Wednesday post just to show them off.

I just realized the Rose-of-Sharon are budding up. Takes them forever, but eventually I'll get flowers and then the humming birds will be all over them.

Not nearly done with the garden tour so we'll continue next time.


  1. Great pics, beautiful flowers, Glory, thanks for sharing them! ":) I don't think we have Rose of Sharon around here. ":(

    1. I don't think Rose-of-Sharon are hardy over zone 5. It's even marginal here. The sheltered place--they hate harsh wind!-- where they reside helps. Love those micro-climates!

  2. OK, for 2 days you've given me a tour of your garden and you didn't feed me lunch...
    Great pictures. We have a trumpet vine that is crawling all over our garden. Several years ago I asked Beth not to plant it where she did but I was ignored and now it can't be gotten rid of. We have plants that have yellow flowers where they shouldn't be till you look closely and see the vine intertwined with the plant.


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