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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Growing in the Cracks

It's astonishing the things I find growing where I don't want them growing...such as in the cracks. No, I'm not even talking about weeds. We all know they grow wherever they like. I'm talking about things I do want growing in my garden...just not in the cracks!

Butterfly weed growing in cracks along the driveway.

Black Eyed Susans growing in the cracks in the pavers.

Trumpet vines growing in the cracks in between the bricks.

Cerastium--aka Snow-in-Summer-- growing in the cracks between the stones in the wall.

Lady's Mantle growing in the cracks on the black top.

Golden Sedum growing in the cracks in my elf statue. Okay, the entire thing is cracked up, so, of course, everything's growing in it! Sun Drops, Daisies, name it!

Gees-Lousie, I'm starting to think my entire garden is cracked. Well, it would be since I'm in charge (supposedly) and I'm cracked too!

Yep, growing in the cracks because we're all cracked. Such is life in Glory's garden.


  1. I've got grass and weeds coming up through the cracks, but nothing as pretty as what you have.

    The grass growing through crack in the concrete patio in the back yard is thick, lush and green right now, while the rest of the yard is nothing but nasty, crunchy brown because of the lack of rain. Weird.

    1. Growing in the cracks must make them stronger! I say take a tea kettle outside and dowse them with boiling water. Works pretty well.

  2. Everything that grows in a crack is just trying to reclaim the space that once belonged to them. Isn't that amazing? I have a brick walkway, same thing. I just nip-em off instead, so what if they keep coming back? Plants are beautiful things, each and every one of them. ":) Btw, you're not cracked, Glory, you're pretty much a perfect gardener...

  3. Thank you kindly, Raymond, but that's coming from another "cracked" gardener so what does that mean??? ;-)

  4. The whole concept cracks me up!


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