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Monday, July 2, 2012

House Plant A-Blooming

So, Tom comes home and starts sneezing  so much you'd think his head would pop off. Why was he sneezing? Because my houseplant is a-bloom for the first time ever and I didn't even know it.

Tom insisted there was a lilac smell in the house. I told him he was nuts. Was I sure, he asks. Gees-Louise, Lilacs have stopped blooming for close to two months now, so I think I would know if I had a lilac in the house.

Yes, I did smell something sweet and flowery as well, but I didn't know what it could be. I only had a vase of unscented daisies in the kitchen. It could not be them. I figured for sure it was a plant from outside which was causing Tommy the trouble, but to humor my honey--who insisted the smell came from inside-- I looked around the house anyway, trying to find this mysterious scent and lo-and-behold there is was...

I'd never seen a dumb cane in bloom and man-o-man was it a strong perfume once close enough. It was not, however, anything like a lilac scent. It did smell like Asiatic lilies. I had to take the entire plant outside so Tom would stop sneezing, the poor dear.

Who the heck knew this dumbcane houseplant ever would be a-bloomin'???


  1. Thank you for the comment. The same thing is happening to me. Thank you for your post. I am shock it is in bloom

  2. Thank you for your post. I had no idea these plants bloomed. I am in shock. But every night I come home there is this wonderful lilac smell throughout the house. I only smell the odor at night.

    1. Yes, it is odd you can only smell it at night. It's like that with many lants which like to attract the night time pollinators like moths. But this one scented the whole house day and night!

  3. That looks like a Corn Plant to me. I've never heard it called Dumb Cane. I hope mine flowers sometime, sounds neat!

  4. Some people call it corn plant but the label at the garden center called it the dumb cane...not that they get things right most times!


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