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Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Idea of High Fashion

I hear a lot of talk about Coach bags...they are the highest thing in fashion--or so they say. Wanna know what my idea of high fashion is? Well, even if you don't I'm going to tell you.

This is my coach bag. No, it's not hoity-toidy, designer anything. It is instead a simple canvas bag which holds my swim suit, towel and flip flops I use to help coach the Special Olympics swim team.

Yep, I'm a coach, certified and everything. Imagine that!

That little coach tag means more to me than having  a few people drooling over a $700 bag to hold my driver's license,  wallet,  ponytail holder, cell phone and chapstick.

Yes, my simple idea of high fashion. Get over it.


  1. Glory, simplicity is smart and logical.
    A 'designer bag' that costs the owner $700.00 shows a complete lack of common sense.
    btw... The coach tag is magnificent!

  2. I love it! I have a backpack that all my swim gear is in...although I don't have a coach ribbon I do have my pass hanging on it to scan to get into the pool.

    I have never spent big $$ on anything designer...and that coach ribbon speaks more to me than any designer item.

    Happy Thursday!


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