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Friday, July 6, 2012

Not the Only Pilferer in the Family

Just in case you thought otherwise, I'm not the only pilferer in the family. Oh, no. Tom beats me every time and I'll tell you how.
Sweet scented Russian Olive shrub

There I was minding my own business--I think I was cooking at the time. I know I was inside the house--when Tom comes in and says, "Hey, I got you a Russian Olive."

Stunned, I just gaped at him. "Where the heck did you buy a Russian Olive? They don't exactly sell them in the rinky-dink garden center in town," I exclaimed.

He smirks at me as he's washing the evidence of his crime right off his hands. "I found it in the field across the street so I dug it up. It was right next to the Scotch pine I'd been eying for a year now. They're both planted in the arboretum now."
Tom likes baby Scotch pines

I just shook my head and went back to cooking. I take seeds, I borrow clipping, I nip anything which I take a fancy to just as long as no one's looking, but a three foot tall shrub and a four foot high tree? Even I wouldn't go there!

If I see seeds, they're mine!

My-oh-my. Seemed quite clear to me I wasn't the only pilferer in the family. Which begs the question: Is it a contagious virus or hereditary?


  1. It's hereditary AND contagious. Removing plants to some place they are loved and protected does everyone a favour. Besides, Russian olives are beautiful, and if they ever get big enough that you have to remove them, the wood is absolutely stunning for woodwork! (Medallions, buttons, handles, inlays, intarsia, etc. ":)

  2. OK, and we won't talk about the ferns Beth and I uprooted in the forest nor the clippings of Mt Laural we obtained. (I think we might have been right on the line between private property and the Blue Ridge Parkway)

    1. Oh, no! It's spreading fast into the Kudzu! LOL

  3. LOVE IT! Wow, sure wish my Thom would surprise me with a full grown beauty like that!
    'hugs from afar'

    1. It takes cunning, determination, a sense of doing right by the plant, "We'll take much better care of it at our place" and total disregard for property rights of others! LOL. Actually, our neighbors wouldn't care a wit if we took every tree from their side of the road. It is of no concern to them. They just think we're weird...which we are!

  4. I only draw the line at cutting a pine tree down on the town halls front lawn right around Christmas time. (But someone else in town does not, apparently) Ho ho ho!

  5. First it's a few seeds, then a few cuttings here and there, next thing you know, an entire national forest has been transplanted into your back yard and you're standing in front a crowd of people, head hanging down and saying, "My name is ____ and I'm a plant pilferer."

    1. No, no no, National forests and parks are sacred to me. I never remove anything from them. Private gardens and taking seeds from them is something all together different.


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