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Monday, July 30, 2012

Stroll Through the Garden

I thought I'd take you on a stroll through my garden, just to see what's going on, what's blooming and what's given up.

Here we have one of my chives--I believe this is the curly one. It's looking a tiny, live firework.

My mystery plant--oh, you may remember it by one of its several names Gloriensis lennonalis, (Julie's choice), Gloriosa lennonacea fam. gardenzeitgeist (Raymond's pick) or Geranium pilferitum  "Geranium Glorious" (Mike's contribution)--  is still blooming with those funky little flowers, although some of them are going to seed. I dare not pick those seeds, though. Lord knows what menace will come from them!

The Japanese Iris patch is all going to seed. I like those huge seed pods. Each one will have about fifty seeds. Any takers?

The Lemon Balm is flowering. I really ought to make an herbal sun tea with it. On the to do list.

The Hostas are abloom. The flowers look a tad weepy in this photo. That is because the night before there was a thorough downpour which we sorely needed, so I shant complain.

The cloud burst shattered all the other lilies and this is the last survivor. What a beauty! And the!

 Nearly all the common daylilies are gone now. This double variety is the last one blooming in the huge daylily hill.

There is more to see, so come back so we can finish our stroll through the garden.

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  1. Great photos, Glory! That lily is spectacular! Thanks for sharing! Japanese Iris? Hm....":)


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