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Friday, July 27, 2012

What You Miss When You're Too Tall

I wanted to show you what you can miss when you're too tall. I found this tiny little mushroom growing in the grass. Anyone else might have stepped on them and kept going, but not I!

Why would I notice such an innocuous thing? Could be because I'm closer to the ground than most. Could be because I'm used to looking down when there are no trees directly overhead. Could be I like to know what I am about to step on. In any case, I spotted them when those around did not.

And I stopped to look at them. They were tiny indeed...barely big enough to shelter a fairy. Uncle Mac might think it's the perfect size for little gardeners such as myself, but what does he know? I'm sure he misses all sorts of things--giant that he is.

And what, pray tell, do you miss when you're too tall?


  1. Haha,,,hilarious,Glory! I love it!

    Being observant and to the ground certainly does have it's advantages. One never knows what beautiful things shall be discovered for the enjoyment of the dedicated gardener.

    All the tall can see are clouds going by, the tops of utility poles, and the odd collection of pigeons as they fly by, looking for someone tall to perch upon...haha! GREAT post! ":)

    1. Thank you kindly, Sir. I'm thinking I would get a crick in my neck just to glimpse your pretty face! ;-)


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