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Friday, August 24, 2012

Apartment Refurbishing

Justin was so excited when the workers were done with the apartment refurbishing. You'd think it was for him. It was for our daughter, Alexis, however.

If you don't look too closely--please don't look too closely!-- the tile work is okay, just barely passable.

I was annoyed some of the grout was already coming away as I washed the floor to get the place ready for Alexis who was on the way from Oklahoma.

Nice, but not great.

 I guess I shouldn't complain. I was born in little better than a dirt floor shack, after all. One should never forget from whence we came. Keeps us least it should.

This is a palace compared to some places we've lived.

Justin loved the new rug and he was over the moon happy to be the first one to vacuum it. That boy is a funny one. yes, he loved the refurbished apartment and he can't wait for the upstairs to be done for Tyler. Yes, we're refurbishing that apartment, too.

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  1. Glory, if here are glitches in the tile, few people will see them-or recognize them. The grout shouldn't be coming away though, perhaps it wasn't done carefully enough in places, it takes a lot of care to get all of the grouting packed properly. If there are a lot of soft spots, tell them do redo it. Seriously, that's what Jimmy would say. Other than that, it looks fine!


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