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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fallen Tree

Blimey! I found a fallen tree in my Tommy's arboretum. He won't be happy when I tell him.

This is our river birch which like to grow in clumps. They are fast growers and therefore have weak wood and are short lived, the poor dears.

Didn't help that we've been having wicked storms lately.

But there was obvious damage of another sort. Could be insects but more likely...

It was  the neighborhood woodpecker. Of course, he wouldn't be systematically drilling holes if there wasn't a yummy insect prize for him, so....

Which came first to cause harm to my poor little fallen tree? The insects or the woodpecker looking for food? Yes, that's what I thought, too, but I preferred a picture of Woody, if you don't mind.


  1. Hm, Glory, your Woody has been going after some kind of boring insects in the trunk, no doubt about it. Cut that section of tree off get it away from the rest of the clump. Use it for firewood quickly.
    Cut the stump off at enough of an angle so water will drain off of it.
    We've had major white birch die-off here, which starts at the top, a bit of the crown looks thin,no leaves, then some of it dies and drops off, and it is progressive, the tree keeps dying down. Eventually all you have is the main trunk full of wet, rotten wood because the birch bark is waterproof- the branches fall of progressively from the top as they fill with water, become too heavy, rot and fall off. The roots eventually die.
    I have discovered that if you are smart enough to cut the tree off at the base before the ROOTS are affected, they will survive and it will sprout in a nice birch clump again with 4 or 5 nice saplings--and they will grow VERY fast because the root system is so big! ":)

  2. Storms, bugs, drought and Mr. Woodpecker. Sounds like the tree never had a chance. Nice pictures!

  3. Just re-plant a new one and call it son-of-a-birch.

    1. Hmm, You mean instead of calling it a pain in the ash? ;-)


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