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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hanging Baskets Revisited

Time to revisit my hanging baskets, although why we would want to is anyone's guess. They are not exactly stunning by any stretch of the imagination.

I do believe I made a mistake my first time out with these hanging baskets. First off, I should have started them indoors weeks before I put them out.

Second, Morning glories were not a great choice, as much as I do like them. They only bloom early morning and fade rather a mite too soon for my taste. I had planted other things besides the vine, but none grew. Oh, well. Better luck next year with the hanging baskets.


  1. Did you get any birds in your bird houses?

    1. I always have a bird family or two use the bird houses. Noisey they are too. Drive the cat crazy.

  2. Glory, morning glories want to CLIMB, not droop, remember my post on IB last year? They do not do well hanging down. They grow like MAD if you encourage them to climb. If you put them in a very LOW hung pot and give them a tall tent of sticks they'll do fine!
    Wendy says try fuschia, nasturtiums, spider plants, English and Scottish ivy--and strawberries for the best hanging baskets. ":)

  3. I just found this post because I couldnt remember what plant I had planted and I have to say, I also have morning glory planted in a hanging basket... But mine is full and very bushy! Mine does require a lot of care though, so it won't climb all the way up on the wall...

    1. Perhaps it was because I was away for most of July, but my morning glories did NOT do well in the basket, but I found several seeds for next year. Go figure!


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