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Friday, August 3, 2012

Last of Garden Tour

This is the last of the garden tour...I think. You can never tell.

This plant with the pale lavender blossoms goes by a few names--Physotegia virginiana, obedient plant and dragon flower. Whatever you wish to call it, they are truly invasive and although I do like them and wish to have some in the garden I found this one currently blooming where I thought I had eliminated most of them. Apparently not.

Another one I tried to be gone from the garden--Goldenrod--I did yank out as many as I could find as I went about weeding, but I always manage to miss a few. Ah, well, the bees love them.

My true Turks cap tiger lilies are up!

I told you about my Pee Gee Hydrangea Tradavid, but this one is blooming too. This is a Pee Gee Hydrangea paniculata and  it grows a bit more compact than the other one. Don't worry if you see no difference between the two. Most garden center owners and workers get them mixed up, too, which begs the question, how come I can tell them apart???

It seems like just the other day the Catalpa trees were blooming and now they have string beans growing. I suppose I could pick a few and test them out in the kitchen. If they were good enough for the Delaware  Indian Indigenous people, then they should be for me too. Just gotta reach them...
Ooh, some of the old ones still have seeds, but I'll wait for the fresh batch to mature to send seeds to Mr. Bonsai himself-- Raymond Alexander Kukkee of Incoming Bytes-- who wishes to try to grow his own String bean tree.

I think I mentioned how I did away with my row of hibiscus. Well, guess what. It didn't take. Here they are looking as healthy as they were at the first. Well, at least they will bloom later on, like toward the end of summer when hardly anything will be blooming.

I tried to take out these...well, I never did find out what they were--some sort of geranium was my guess--but they came back as many things do in my garden. I like them though, so stay they will. I'll try to remember to transplant them later on in the season.

The balloon flowers are blooming! I supposed you're wondering why these are called balloon flowers. If I had seen them in their bud forming stage and caught it on film I'd be able to show you. As it is, you'll have to make do with this.

The Arum italicaum are ripening. See how the green "berries" are starting to turn yellow and then red? I love it when they do that! Most of their variegated foliage has died down as often happens in the heat of summer, but they will be back...usually during winter! Bizarre, huh?

The yard is virtually exploding with Queen Anne's Lace and I have been diligently--diligent for me anyway-- pulling them out as I see them. They must be practicing a bit of clandestine gardening of their own!

Now, I only just showed you the Rose-of-Sharon budding up and lo-and-behold here are a few of the first to pop open waaaaay on the top of the fifteen foot tall shrub.

No, lookie here! I have a...uh...hmm...don't quite know what t is yet. I'm going with spaghetti squash!

And that's the last of the garden least for now.

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