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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magnolia Surprise

I told you a while back that I would tell about the surprise I found in my Jane Magnolia aka Saucer Magnolia. Well, it was more than one surprise, if truth be told.

First, the magnolia which usually has a big show of blossoms in the spring, really didn't have much of one this year. It was rather disappointing.

I shouldn't have worried. The major bloom time came in its sweet time, but the odd thing was, it was so very late in coming...mid summer!

If it wasn't for this odd spectacle, however, I wouldn't have found the second surprise. As I approached the magnolia to take a nice photo of a flower close up, and bird flew out startling me. That's when I found the nest. It's rather hard to see among all those leaves, but it's in there and I was very certain there were eggs in there too. Otherwise the bird would not have been there.

Pretty wild, huh? The magnolia all a-bloom so late in the season, much later than its usual bloom time.

Pretty blossom filled tall shrub-like tree with a lovely scent would make a nice spot for a nest, don't you think?

I just didn't expect a nest in this thing, but what do I know? I did find evidence that a humming bird was nesting in this exact same tree a few years ago. I found the teeniest-tiny egg shell which could only be from a ity-bity humming bird at the base of this tree. I was thrilled with that find too!

I didn't bother looking for that nest though. They are soooo tiny and look like mere bumps on the bark. Can you imagine finding that tiny surprise in all that magnolia foliage? No, neither could I.


  1. Your garden is really a wonderland Glory, always the unexpected!

  2. Wow on two counts, first of all that Magnolia blossom is beautiful! I wish we could grow them here! The blossoms are late because the weather patterns are changing-perhaps a worrisome thing. NOW I wonder if that tree can feed itself properly before it goes dormant, these are very late!
    Secondly, it's amazing that you found a bit of hummingbird egg, they are so tiny! That's what happens when you pay attention out in the garden! ":)

    1. As Mac would say, I'm closer to the ground than most, so if anyone was going to find it, it was going to be me! The trees are pretty hardy so I'm not too worried, but I will keep an eye on it. Funny things have been going on in the garden lately.


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