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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Hybrid Daylilies


  1. Cool daylilies! We don't have any of them. "Yet" ":))

    1. We could provide a daylily care package if it won't be confiscated at the border.

  2. I am redoing the front flower bed early this fall. I'll be adding new tulips, lifting and replanting the daffodils and muscari. I also plan to lift an iris from another bed and plant it into this one, as it really is not in the best of locations and needs lifting very badly anyway.

    The iris is just one of a number of perennials I want to locate into this raised 6' x 8', three-tiered bed. The tubers came to me from my mother, who got them from my grandmother, who got them from her mother (before that, I have no idea where they came from).

    I'm going to put the iris into the top tier above the tulip bulbs and surround it with day lilies. I want to find a variety that blooms most of the summer and into fall. Any suggestions?


    1. Stella D'Oro is touted as the longest blooming daylily. I never really tracked them to see if they are longer blooming than others. I like to have a succession of them, early mid-season and late bloomers, so i always have some. I found this list of what are considered the longest blooming so take a look.

    2. Thank you Glory. I've bookmarked that.


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