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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Old Furniture

So, I have myself some new old furniture. That is to say, I have new furniture which once belonged to someone else. For all intents and purposes, we got it all, the two piece china cabinet, the table with two extension leaves, six chairs,  and a buffet, for free.

Tom's friend, Scott, whom we visited a while back in New Hampshire, sold Tom some equipment for the business and pretty much threw in the furniture for the same money. So, was the money for the furniture or the equipment? Your guess is as good as mine. Tom was more thrilled with the equipment and me, of course, the furniture.
Candy stand

 Scott was certain that I wouldn't like it. He said this was an old ladies set. You see, Tom brought it home for me without my ever seeing it first. He just assumed I'd like it, and he was right. So, I guess you gotta call me an old lady! Tom doesn't like it too much, but not because of the style. He thinks it makes the kitchen too crowded. I say pish-posh to that. See? I'm already sounding like an old lady. It must suit me!

Although I must admit, Tommy really likes the candy stand. Each one of those canisters and jars holds a different type of candy, you see. At least there is room enough for a platter of fruit...note to self: Buy more fruit.

What's not to like about my new old furniture, huh?


  1. Nice furniture and I agree with Tom about the Candy Bar. Darn, wish I lived closer.

  2. What a deal! What's not to like? Lovely set, and no, it's not an 'old lady's' set by any means. It already looks like it BELONGS there, not crowded at all.
    Actually, it is quite elegant, and there's room on the candy stand for a cookie-jar too. ":)

  3. I love your "new" furniture Glory. It looks like pale oak, solid and durable.
    Did you get the lamp above the dining room table as well, it goes perfect with the rest of the set.
    The only thing I'm not crazy about is the glass top on the candy cabinet. If it were mine I would remove that.

  4. It's actually maple and very well made. No, the Morning Glory Tiffany-style lamp we bought when the house was first built.The glass top came with the set, so...gotta use it. Don't have another use for it!
    The chairs were a bit stained but I didn't want to go to the trouble of re-appoulstering them. So, I made some removable slip covers for them. Calisto loves to sneak onto the chairs, so I like to be able to remove the covers and wash them.

  5. Raymond’s right. That’s a sweet deal! These are traditional furniture all right, but they’re not certainly for old ladies. I think you can do some adjustments with the kitchen to maximize the space. Congrats on these great finds, Glory!


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