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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sick at Heart

I'm sick at heart. For the third time this year one of our four cats has died. This time it was Baby.

Poor Baby cat

It was Justin that first called her Baby Calisto because she was almost an identical reproduction of the original--her mother Calisto who just so happens to be our only remaining cat.

I have to admit, I never really liked Baby. She was not like the others, although I don't blame it on her. She--unlike the others--was not raised here by us. She was born here, yes, but she quickly got a home with Tom's mother and was allowed to run amok and was never nearly as friendly as our other cats. We think Baby's brained got fried on all the cigarette smoke she had to endure while living with the in-laws. When they had to move away, they left us Baby. I wasn't happy, but that was nothing to how Zebrina felt and Zebrina was her Grandmother!
Chase the Cat in happier times

Has it even been a couple of weeks since the last one--Chase--was buried? I'd have to look back to see. The three now lay side by side in what now can truly be called a pet cemetery. I just hope they don't mind the dog buried along with them. That would be Brandi, our friend's poor dog who died of heat stroke a while back during the really hot spell in New Jersey. Tom offered to give her a nice burial in the country and they jumped at the chance to have her laid to rest in such a pretty and peaceful spot.

Amazingly, none of them died of natural causes. That is the weird, heart-breaking and possibly sinister part of it all.

We suspect poor Baby was poisoned. By whom and how, we have no idea. We thought the same had happened to Chase, but after extensive tests the vet found nothing to suggest it. The only blessing is that Baby didn't suffer as Chase had done before we finally let him go. She went very quickly before we had the chance to take her to the vet.

We're just sick at heart. We might have prevented this if we had kept them inside, but they would have been miserable. They liked their daily romps in the vast yard, Chase to chase a rabbit he had no shot of actually catching--slow and lazy as he was--and Baby loved pouncing on birds, stalking them at the feeders and bird bath. I did chastise her repeatedly about it, but I knew any birds she did manage to catch were the sickly and old ones anyway. Survival of the fittest reigns around here and not just for plants.
Calisto with Goldie and Baby Chase

I know one thing. I now watch Calisto like a mama hawk when she goes outside. I actually go out with her and insist she come in with me. I will not let her out of my sight. I don't know who or what did the others in, but Calisto will not be the next victim. Mark my words.

As much as Brandon grumbled about the frogs and snakes Chase would bring into the workshop--usually still quite alive so he had to get them before they crawled under a Leak detector machine or vacuum pump-- he still didn't wish him gone, not like this.
Zebrina in retirement years

Tom said, "I already miss that crazy Baby cat. She used to keep me company in the office."

Just sick at heart we are.It should not have happened.


  1. We are so sorry for your loss, Glory and Tom. It always hurts to lose any pet, never mind one after the other; --and even more difficult when it's under questionable circumstance.
    Poison is a possibility; find out if anyone has mouse poison out close by, or even ant traps. Also, if there drips or puddles of automotive antifreeze anywhere, pets will lick it up because it's sweet--but poison. (((HUGS))) to you Glory. ~R

  2. Sorry for your loss. I still think about JJ our cocker spanial who passed 5 years ago.

    Having had a pest control business in the past I don't think it was mouse/rat poison. If it was she would have been bleeding out every body opening. Ant poison would have to be eaten in great quantities to affect a cat and it would not appeal to her. Cats do like to eat plants, maybe a plant was poisonous to her? Or a snake bite?

    1. She seemed to have something black on her mouth, but I very much doubt it was any plants. Chase has been here for 15-16 years and Baby for the past 6 years, so if a plant was going to get them, it would have happened long ago.

  3. Survival of the fittest .... hm, I am glad I am not at your house/garden, I'd be gone long ago ...

    Anyway, when I lost my house to foreclosure the worst of it was leaving 5 cat graves behind, among them my beloved Fluff Fluff who was buried under my bedroom window.

    I hate that this happened to you. If there was instant Karma/justice, bad things would not happen to good people, and most of all, innocent animals.

    These are the events that test even the strongest, most happiest of us.

    I am so sorry you and your family have to endure this.

  4. I'm sorry you lost Baby, Glory. I know how much it pains when we lose them. Each one leaves a hole where they were, and it never really fills in.


  5. Oh, wow! I know of your pain - we lost our sweet Tat Cat several years ago. Now we have Gracie and Tawni and it would be so painful to lose either of them. We have fenced our yard in a manner that keeps them in the yard but they have free run of it & a kitty door to go out whenever. I'm so sorry for your loss.


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