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Friday, August 10, 2012

Update on Mystery Shrub

My mystery plant gets an update.

It has a new home. Well, if you will recall I pondered breaking up the asphalt to enable me to extract the poor little plant with less stress and more success. I actually did ask Tom if he wouldn't mind too much. Beside the appalled look on his face he didn't say anything, not for nor against. Well, I examined the plant and the crack it protruded from and it seemed a bit wider than it had been last year, so I thought I'd give it a try. I took my little pry tool which I believe most people use to extract dandelion roots out of garden beds. Well, since this is almost a weed--or is to anyone other than me-- it seemed fitting.

Only thing was, it wasn't doing the job. The roots went far and wide, but as I pried up, the asphalt gave way in one huge chunk. Oops! Well, it made the job easier...not easy, just easier. Darn if those roots never wanted to come out! But I am nothing if not persistent. I won at last!

My mystery plant-- I really need a name for this thing-- is now in a new home. It seemed a bit weepy after the transplant--it wasn't the best time to do it, but with all the rain we've recently been getting it has since perked up a bit. Fingers crossed that it makes it and that I finally discover what it is.


  1. Only you can pry a plant from asphalt and have it survive.

  2. Did you remember to put the hammer and chisel away?

    1. I just used my tiny weeding tool and yes, I did put it away. I may need it again!

  3. Glory, you certainly are the ultimate dedicated guardian of all growing things. Only a completely obsessed gardener would bust asphalt in the driveway to save an unknown plant. Interesting!
    I still do not know what that plant is, but it sure does look familiar....":)

    1. It was just too darn pretty to allow Tom to spray it with something deadly, which he is very likely to do, when I'm not looking and if I don't diligently yank out the weeds myself.


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