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Thursday, September 20, 2012

As the Desert Garden Grows: Guest Post by MJ Joachim

 Here we have another guest post by my desert gardening pal MJ Joachim and just in time for my own garden to be winding down for the season. Just goes to show, all the time is gardening time--just like it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!

Desert Southwest Gardening – Plant Your Seeds in September by MJ Joachim

After the extreme heat of summer and high humidity of the monsoon, it is time once again to begin gardening in the desert southwest. While some people here are enthusiastic enough to garden all year long, I haven’t quite been able to muster up the gusto to pull that one off – Yet!~

September has always been a big seed planting month for Arizonans. Fall and winter crops thrive here, and if the weather is congenial, we can usually reap in quite a harvest six to nine months out of the year. Planting seeds during winter works well too. By spring, we’re gathering all the fruits and veggies many people are planting for summer. 

I’m hoping to have a generous crop this year. Though I live in a city neighborhood, I’ve managed to prepare several garden beds and also maintain a nice sized compost pile on one side of the house. It’s important to note that because I am a city dweller, I make a point to immediately bury my scraps, every time I dump them into the pile. No sense in creating a nasty stench for the neighbors to deal with and all. Besides, this same heap is very close to my kitchen window, and I don’t want to smell it either. Not to mention, it helps to keep the bugs from making their way to our homes – they’re too busy foraging for food in the soil. In my opinion, this is actually a wonderful way to naturally minimize bug infestation in your home. And it makes excellent soil too!

Onto the pics now…


1st pic: Eleven of my 15 broccoli plants survived the summer. I transplanted them and they are thriving in their new bed. Beets are barely starting to sprout, next to the broccoli (and a rogue squash plant is making a noble appearance. 
2nd pic: It’s a little hard to see, but my cabbage is already sprouting, and I only planted seeds a week ago. 
3rd pic:  Last weekend, I planted carrot, chard and spinach seeds in this bed.

4th pic:  My compost pile – AZ soil always needs good compost to grow anything!

5th pic:  Moved bricks last weekend too…built a fire pit. Celebrating 20 years of marriage next month and wanted to surprise my hubby J.

6th pic:  Saw this idea (of making wheel spokes for garden beds) on a garden show. Liked it enough to try it.

7th pic:  That funny little squash growing near my beets!

8th pic:  Don’t know if you can see it, but the radishes I planted last weekend are barely beginning to sprout in the tires today. That’s what good compost will do for you here!

I’ll be back to show you how they grow in the coming months…

Until next time, may your harvest be positively amazing…
And if you aren’t able to harvest presently, may your soil enrich itself in your absence, to provide you with the most superb crops you’ll ever receive in the future!

M. J. Joachim

Thanks so much MJ. We'll look forward to your next installment of As the Desert Garden Grows.

This guest spot came at just the right time...cuz I didn't have my usual week's worth of posts up. Guess I better get going, huh?


  1. Great post!Glory, thank you for bringing us M.J.'s desert garden post and pics. Very interesting how we are just shutting ours down--and there she is, sprouting and planting stuff! It must be nice to garden all winter....I'm envious! Well done, M.J.!

  2. Our weather has been amazing this week! You simply can't believe how many little plants are reaching for the light to grow. Can't wait for the next couple of weeks, when all that dirt is hidden beneath piles of lush, green foliage...and then...shortly thereafter, the harvest will begin...Woohoo!


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