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Monday, September 3, 2012

Done Did a Stupid Thing

What was this stupid thing I done did? I'll tell you. I found a bunch of seeds. That's them right there, tons of them. Know what they are?

No? Neither do I.

I done did it again. I didn't label seeds. I just knew I would remember what they were when I got around to planting them.

Only thing is...I haven't a clue what they are. No, that's not quite right. I had two clues, or rather I had two guesses what they could be. I was almost certain it was one of these two.

What were these guesses? Oh, I thought they could only be catalpa seeds or trumpet vine seeds.

So, how could I figure out which? Plant them and see what it grows into. Seemed simple enough for me....but it wasn't...simple, that is.
What the heck?

This is what sprouted and guess what. It isn't either of the things I thought they could be. How do I know? Because I know precisely what a young trumpet vine and catalpa tree look like and that thing in the pot is not either of them.

Yup, I got myself another mystery plant. Gardening genius my butt!

I done did a stupid thing...again! OY!


  1. My first guess was tabebuia tree seeds, but then I went to look at my seedlings and the leaves are a bit different.

    It will be exciting to watch whatever you have grow!


  2. Glory, our genius gardening zeitgeist is allowed to make three mistakes a year if she so wishes! If she solves one, she gets three more! That's why you're the magic gardening zeitgeist! As soon as that plant gets bigger, you'll know what it is, and three more free mistakes! Cool eh? I don't know what they are either. The plant looks like (?) don't know. ":))


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