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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Honeysuckle Shrubs Revisited

Recall if you will, what I did to the two Honeysuckle Shrubs I showed you when I explained my clandestine gardening method.

I took those two unruly shrubs down to nothing. Barely more than the roots were left with a few stray stems.

Don't suppose you want to see them as they are now. You do? Well, then...

One of my Honeysuckle shrubs

Looks rather nice, doesn't it? Small, full, round and mostly contained, it is at this stage.

Two Honeysuckle shrubs, one in front of the other

If they get much bigger, though--which it will. It's a rather fast grower-- I'll have to chop them back down before I remove them. I still haven't heard from Sandy to know if she'd like them in her garden.

If she doesn't and depending on how difficult I find it to remove--I won't be able to use Tom's big green toy since this is a fenced area and I intend to keep it that way-- I may just have to leave them here and continually chop it back. Not my first choice. I do so want them out to make room for other very cramped shrubs.

Ah, well, we shall see how much time I have come autumn for all this work. Honeysuckle shrubs should not be so difficult to maintain.

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  1. Glory, I'm surprised you are chopping back your honeysuckle bushes, they do grow into very, very handsome small 'trees' if you prune away the suckers and lower branches. In addition to being 'gnarly' and interesting, the bark becomes fascinating, some species are white and rough--very eye-catching. I also have a couple of bonsai honesuckle!


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