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Monday, September 17, 2012

In Love With an Invasive Species

It shouldn't surprise you at all when I say I'm in love with an invasive species--several of them actually. I seem to like everything which I shouldn' the flora department at least. I told you about Lysmachia Purple Loosestrife and Russian Olive and even...oh, what's the name of that other one? Well, when I think of it, I'll add it. So, you may be asking, what is it this time? Japanese Knotweed of course. it's in bloom right now and by-gosh-by-golly, it's pretty as can me anyway.

I've told you about Japanese Knotweed before and my troubles with it--though not because it was invasive. Quite the opposite! I simply couldn't get it to grow for me.

I know! What the heck kind of gardener can't even grow an invasive species??? Boggles the mind.

But I digress...I think. I just wanted to say there must be something inherently wrong with me. Why? Cuz I invariably fall in love with any and all invasive species.

What in the world is up with that?


  1. My goodness . . . who couldn't love this? It's beautiful!

  2. It's the taboo factor, Glory, you like the taboo, the underdog, the condemned to die, the challenged --it's a wonderful person strength you have been blessed with. NOT a bad thing!
    "Invasive species" are beautiful in their own right, and are looked down upon because it is difficult to control them. People want to "control" Mother Nature.
    The other answer is, your soil is probably pretty good! I
    nvasive species VERY often grow where soil conditions are poor--Mother Nature puts them there for remediation of poor soil conditions or lack of specific nutrients.

    Canadian thistles grow most beautifully and the thickest on the poorest, nutrient-deficient miserable soil --that's Mother Nature's way of saying " leave this patch of land alone while it gets fixed!".

    Maybe you can detect an analogy to that on your property --things always grow for a reason. Check out my latest HEAP report...":)


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