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Friday, September 7, 2012

Love-in-a-Puff Vine

Recall if you will, a few weeks back when I gave an extended tour of the garden--well, it would be extended since my gardens seemingly never end--I lamented my dismal success with annual vines. Well, I told you about this Love-in-a-puff vine, but alas, I misnamed it. I told you it was called Love-in-the-mist which is a completely different plant.


How I could mistake Love-in-the mist--aka Nigella sativa--with Love-in-a-puff --aka cardiospermum halicacabrum-- is anyone's guess. Okay, they have similar common names, but that is no excuse! Not for me anyway.

Forgive me, but I'll tell you about Love-in-the-Mist some other time. Right now it's all about Love-in-a-puff.
Puff full of love...kinda

 Love-in-a-puff looks exactly as its common name implies. It's a little puff full of love. Actually, you won't know that until the puffs develop seeds. The puffs form after the tiny, white, insignificant flowers bloom. The puff is basically the fruit, or perhaps better put, the seed pod.
When I say insignificant flowers, believe it!

Inside the pod will be seeds--usually 3-4-- which give the plant it's name botanical name as well. No, you won't truly find love in the puff, but almost. The black seeds, you see, are curiously marked with white hearts. Hence the cardiospermum name--cardio meaning of the heart and spermum referring to the seeds.
Even the puffs are heart-shaped...kinda
 Cool, huh? Well, I think so.

I don't have any mature puffs to show you yet--they turn a tan color when the seeds are ready to harvest-- so I can't show you any heart-stamped seeds, unless....I may have saved a few from the seed packet. Hold on. Let me go check on that....

Well, lookie here!
Just never throw out anything, I don't

I still have the original seed packet I bought several years back, although I do believe the seeds are those I gathered from the vines I grew in subsequent years.

Nifty, huh? Well, I think so.
Anyway, this is the heart seed.
And here's a bunch of little heart seeds, Cardiospermum, you know.

They are cute. The seed packet says they are also called the Balloon vine. Well, it does make sense, too.

Puff just turning tan

I like this vine enough that I may try to bring it indoors to over-winter and let it climb on the bamboo plant I stole borrowed from a friend before he sold his house and the land on which the bamboo was growing.

Yup, I like this Love-in-a-puff vine and I promise not to confuse it with the other love plant. Silly me!

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