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Monday, September 24, 2012

Un-Happy Camper in Paradise

I'm not usually an un-happy camper especially in paradise, but this time I was and I thought I'd tell you why.

As you may or may not know--it's not like I broadcasted on Facebook or anything as I often do-- Tom had a high-faluttin' business meeting in the Dominican and being it was for several days, he decided I had to come along and keep him company.

Tommy having fun
As there was some time to ourselves between these important meetings and meet-n-greets, I didn't see a problem...and normally there wouldn't be. But as I said before, we were surrounded by high-faluttin' bunch of folks and I couldn't relate to hardly any of them. That alone didn't make me too happy, but I put up with it. I figured if I sat quietly and listened to those around me I'd get a few story or character ideas. So much for that idea.
High-falutting people at the LMFAO concert
 That is to say, I didn't get a chance to listen to anything. Everywhere we went there was the most annoyingly loud and obnoxious music EVER! If I couldn't hear Tommy yelling in my ear how was I to eavesdrop on some snooty folks?

Onto plan B...or not. I could just enjoy the resort, right? I always have in my past times there, but I wasn't allowed to this time. I have no idea why--perhaps I had a sign on the back of my head that clearly told everyone that I loved the smell of smoke-- but I was inundated with smokers-both cigar and cigarette. They simply wouldn't leave me alone...I guess I should say their smoke wouldn't.
Just leave me here!

That didn't last long, though. We were to leave our home resort to visit another. Now that ticked me off, but it was the reason for the trip, so I went and I tried not to grumble too loudly. We had a 3 1/2 hour trip by bus half way around the island over to Somana, but even that was okay. Great view from our hotel room once we got there and the beach was Lover-ly indeed.
Really? I gotta go where now?

But hold on! We weren't allowed to stay there either. Hell no! We needed to go to the building site of their proposed new resort at another beach. Another hour-plus long ride away, this time in a open air safari truck. What joy!

Oh, but it was an extraordinarily beautiful white sand beach, pristine and lovely as can be. That placated me nicely. I was planning on doing some major swimming to get the kinks out from all the bus and truck did to me. Dream on, Glory! Tom had plans for you. And what lovely plans they were. A ride on a banana I hadn't had enough rides for the day??? Tom would not relent.

"It'll be fun!" he insisted and I--like the idiot that I am-- gave in. On the ride we went and it was fine even if I was a bit frightened--I have told you before that I'm rather chicken about almost everything, right?-- the first time around the bay was easy and nice, even the second time was, but then the guys in the boat gunned the motor and...well, Glory went flying and not like the flying nun Sally Fields portrayed oh-so-many years ago. I flew off the boat-raft thing and went plunk in the water. Even that would have been fine, but then Tom fell on top of me and nearly killed me...least that's what it felt like.

I could barely move my arms he hit me so hard, so if it wasn't for the life vest I was wearing...can we say goodbye to Glory?
In severe pain, but at least I'm still in paradise!

The paramedic didn't find anything to be concerned about. He gave me over the counter painkillers and that's all he wrote.

Tom kept asking if I was mad at him. Well, I definitely should have been, but how could I be when he was so solicitous? There he was running around bringing me ice, drinks, snacks, towels, setting them out for me as the fleeting shade kept moving and when the pain wouldn't go away one pina colada and two tequila sunrises still hurt like hell, and I was a bit tipsy on top of that which was his plan cuz the truck ride back was going to be killer. Tommy's my champion, though. He secured a coveted ride upfront with the driver.

I'd like to say the rest of my time on vacation was all fine after that, but I'd be lying. I put up a brave front though. It's just so much easier to say, "Yes, I'm feeling fine now," even when I would rather cry.

Yes, I was an un-happy camper in paradise. Can you blame me?


  1. Sometimes paradise is in your own backyard amoung your plants...

  2. Blame you, Glory? Not at all. The vacation from hell... GRRR..and OUCH, not necessarily in that order. Heal well, Glory....

  3. Well look on the bright side! No pirahna, barracuda, sea snakes, sharks or crocs to break your fall!


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