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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unceasing Amazement

My garden provides unceasing amazement. You see these little plants? There is one in the flower bed with pale pink flowers and the other outside of the flower bed growing in the gravel which has purple blossoms.

These are called balsam. Now, no one who sees these plants in my garden would be amazed by them. Why would they be? They are every day type annual flowers which grow at the drop of a seed. They even self sow.

But that's the thing that amazes me. The last time I planted a sole pack of balsam seeds was nearly sixteen years ago and I never replanted them. I'm sure I collected seeds at one time or other, but even those seeds are gone now and have been gone for at least five years.

What I am saying is I have not seen a single balsam plant ANYWHERE in my gardens in at least five years, and yet here are two balsam plants bold as brass just sitting there.

So, what I want to know is how they got here? Were there dormant seeds --five years dormant, mind you-- just waiting for the time when I had completely and totally forgotten of their existence just to show up and say, "Peek-a-boo! I see you!"

Well, peek-a-boo to you, too!

I'm telling you...unceasing amazement.


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  1. Nice surprise! We have these too, but I have weeds that do the same thing. haha...self-seeding plants have their advantages and disadvantages too. I think seeds can go dormant for many years if they somehow manage to stay dry. ":)


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