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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Butternut Squash Harvest

Have I shown you my Butternut Squash Harvest? I didn't think so. Well, here it is.

Nine in all. Notice the varying sizes. Odd, huh?

From the tall to the small.... the rotund and stout. One might even say buxom!

Or maybe not. Anyway, I got these from the seeds I received from Mr. Happy-Vegetable -Gardening himself, Uncle Mac.

You may wish to get in his good graces so he can send you to veggie gardening, you don't have to die first. He be a generous dude, is all.

Won't he be surprised at my butternut squash harvest!


  1. Good stuff! What a variety, interesting... I've never grown butternut squash, but certainly intend to try it this year.

  2. Surprised and quite happy for you! Are there side dishes, pies and custards etc. scheduled to be served at Glory;s place?

    Better store those where kindly Mr. Bear can't smell them!


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