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Friday, October 19, 2012

Full of Potential

So, there I was clearing the rest of my garden stuff off the porch and I find this pot full of potential.

Okay, it's just soil, but as any gardener will tell you, soil equals potential! DUH!

As is my custom, I brought in this pot--and several other pots- of potential just in case. What do I mean by Just in case? Well, what if the urge to plant something in the dead of winter came over me? If I didn't have this pot of potential I'd be up a creek without...soil. Horrors!

As it turned out, I dropped a few seeds in the pot...accidentally on purpose--I'm sticking to that story so shut it if you is wise!-- and much to my surprise they germinated within a week. I was shocked...more so cuz I forgot what the seeds were. Seriously, within a week I forgot. I am horrible, my memory anyway, but that's neither here nor there.

So there I was with another mystery plant and embarrassed to admit it. Lucky for me though, I recognized the did take me another week or so. Can we say pathetic?

I'll let you guess what this is. Here's a hint: I've spoken of the plant before--recently too-- and of the funny little seeds which I collected not too long ago.

See what you can get when you have a pot full of get a mystery game!

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